Realskin Clinic Deliver “The Rolls Royce of Facials”

Signature Facial Realskin Clinic Ascot

The team at Realskin Clinic were delighted to recently welcome Leesa Maher, Health and Beauty Editor for Brisbane News Magazine, to our salon for her very first Realskin treatment. Our signature facial.

To provide Leesa with the full experience, our founder Sevine treated her to our signature facial. We think it’s safe to say that she was absolutely rapt with the experience, writing in her column: “Post-treatment I found myself in a blissed out fug, barely able to talk. This facial is so much more than that – it’s a makeover for the body, mind and spirit, too.”

This statement completely embodies the aim of our treatments. Our mission is to incorporate real skin treatments with holistic practices for the mind, body and soul. We want our clients to leave Realskin Clinic with a clear mind and glowing skin each and every time.

The Realskin Clinic signature facial is a sophisticated facial ritual that produces real results. Following a hydrating cleanse, AHA exfoliation and potent skin booster, the advanced mask is applied for up to 20 minutes. At which point we integrate the principles of our signature firming facial massage before finishing with a gentle Reiki balance. This truly allows your body’s energy to flow. Our signature facial can treat numerous skin conditions. They are tailored to each skin type to restore true beauty, balance and skin health.

Our clients can choose between the Collagen Facial for lines and wrinkles, rosacea, dull complexion and coarse skin texture, Radiance Facial with a deep nourishing mask suitable for a dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin or the HSR® Lifting Facial with a stimulating faceline mask for an instant skin lifting and firming.

If this luxury treatment sounds like exactly what you and your skin needs, book online today for a, “Potent skin-boosting ingredients, holistic massage and reiki dovetail in this divine facial treatment – the Rolls Royce of facials” – Leesa Maher.

We cannot thank Leesa enough for her very kind words. We are beyond honoured to provide the “Rolls Royce of facials” for each and every one of our clients.